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TheFixedGearShop is the #1 online store for Fixed Gear bikes, parts, accessories and many more. All over Europe! We promise fast delivery within the whole EU!  Many brands to choose from ➤ State Bicycle, Aventon, 6ku Bikes, Unknown Bikes, Brick Lane Bikes, Cinelli, Bombtrack and many more… all that for the best prices and best customer service! 

  • Great shop with great service. Tomas really knows what he is talking a out and his selection of city bikes is phenomenal.

    Tim Koninckx Avatar Tim Koninckx
    29 November 2022

    The owner Tomas was so friendly, gave us bikes that fit what we wanted them for and they included lights and basket. We did over 50 Miles on the rental bikes! We had to leave early and he met us even though he was closed to return them and was super happy that we reached out and he could help us on his day off. Best place to rent from in Valencia!

    Janessa Bork Avatar Janessa Bork
    29 November 2022

    Owner is fixing all bikes himself and you can trust him to do the job perfecfly. He is not trying to sell you something that you dont need, which is honesty I apreciate! Really decent bike store!

    Jan Maryško Avatar Jan Maryško
    29 September 2022

    Rented bikes from Tomas and it was a great experience! He was very friendly and helpful giving suggestions on where to go. The bikes worked well, came with locks, reasonable prices and the best way to see Valencia!

    Nicole Tweed Avatar Nicole Tweed
    29 June 2022
  • An amazing shop with great affordable bikes! I recommend to anyone visiting Valencia to come here. Tomas was very friendly and gave us recommendations on where to go, we appreciate very much! Thank you!!

    Jasmine Kageorge Avatar Jasmine Kageorge
    29 June 2022

    Really beautiful and well stocked shop, serving a range of customers/budgets. Great for niche fixie bits too, Unknown, Chrome bags etc. Staff are very friendly and helpful, and offer coffee and a chat. Thomas especially was super helpful and enthusiastic. Although they mostly sell New bikes, they also have a small selection of used bikes, at great prices. Highly recommended!

    Nathaniel Whittingham Avatar Nathaniel Whittingham
    29 January 2022

    Really cool shop with friendly owners who are huge fixed gear bike enthusiasts. They know the bikes they sell through and through and are happy to provide a servicing job to any bike you bring. I finished my 2000+km bicycle tour in Valencia this September and the guys helped me service my bike and pack it in a box for the transport home. Thumbs up!

    Filip Růžička Avatar Filip Růžička
    29 January 2022

    Very nice place to rent bikes, we got new bikes with all the functions and safe locks. The guy at the store was helpful and attentive.

    jernej tudi Avatar jernej tudi
    29 July 2022
  • We totally recommend this place to rent a bike. We got for a full day 2 solid bikes, one even have a phone holder which was very very helpful! The owner even recommended to us a grand tour 🙂 which we did and enjoyed very much! Thank you!

    stella Ignatiuc Avatar stella Ignatiuc
    29 October 2022