About Us

Τhis is our story

We want everyone to ride a good bike.

We are TheFixedGearShop, an e-commerce start-up from the Netherlands. As you can probably tell, we sell bikes, and we’re passionate about them. Our aim is to give you the best and most comfortable selections in fixed gear bicycles, city bicycles, parts, and accessories based on your price range. We don’t just focus on selling the bicycle, we also want you to have the best experience imaginable by providing quality service.

2014 is the year this baby was born. This idea blossomed into a passionate company well known by its customers and in its industry. With a growing team of enthusiastic marketing managers, developers and customer service heroes, we work on a daily basis to get you the perfect bike, part, accessories or clothing to your collection.

Our team has one major goal : Keep you riding

Founded in August 2014

inspired by the idea that everyone should ride an awesome bicycle.

We do not only love bikes, we love our customer

We believe that everyone should be able to ride an amazing bicycle. We are very proud of our culture, collection and the quality that we can guarantee to our customers. We strive to connect with our customers instead of seeing them as just our customer. We want our customers to be happy with their purchase and feel the energy that we have for this amazing product. Our team of designers, developers, customer service experts and marketeers are on a quest to make your experience the best you ever had.