Spray.bike Fiets Verf Vintage Collectie – Bradbury

Spray.bike Fiets Verf Vintage Collectie – Bradbury


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Vintage Collection
An ode to cycling companies that we’ve lost along the way.

Spray.Bike Bradbury – 400ml
A mossy apple green, brighter and less dusky than Royal Oak. 


  • Spray distance: 5-12 cm
  • Ιdeal for steel, aluminium and even carbon parts
  • A 400ml can will cover a bicycle frame and fork with a single coat
  • Recommended minimum coat: one
  • Requires no post-application heat treatment
  • For a satin or gloss top-coat, finish with Spray.Bike Frame Builder’s Transparent Finish, or regularly apply the Frame Builder’s Top Wax for a non-glossy alternative

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