Wald 215 Achterrek


Wald 215 Achterrek

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Artikelnummer: BKWB0215


TheFixedGearShops basket collection is one of the most finest and extending collections in the cycling and fixed gear industry. Looking for a specific part or have any questions about the basket? Send out an email to our support and we will get you the basket you need.

The 215 works perfectly with the innovative Wald 582 rear folding baskets. A clean and lightweight yet sturdy construction with simple mounting points located at eyelets near the rear axle and the brake mount.

• W 12.7cm | L 33cm
• Vertical leg length 33.7cm
• Inside leg distance 7cm
• Gloss Black PC
• Complete carrier weighs 1.2kg

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Gewicht 10 kg


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