Wald 1392 Woody Large Mand


Wald 1392 Woody Large Mand

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TheFixedGearShops basket collection is one of the most finest and extending collections in the cycling and fixed gear industry. Looking for a specific part or have any questions about the basket? Send out an email to our support and we will get you the basket you need.

The Woody front basket is an elegant hardwood based version of the 1392 basket.

The wooden slats also add stiffness to the base of the basket to help with carrying bulky items.

• W 45cm | L 32.5cm | H 15cm
• Tapers to 40 x 26.5cm at base
• 22.2-25.4mm clamps
• 1 3/4″ clearance for shift/brake cables
• Extendable legs from 35-55cm
• Mount to either axle or fork eyelets
• Complete basket weighs 2.1kg

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