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Introducing the all new BLB Button Grips. Inspired by classic BMX mushroom grips, these anatomic bicycle handlebar grips are 147mm long and designed for extreme comfort and grip.

BLB Button grips:

• 147mm long
• flangeless
• very comfortable


Brick Lane Bikes London with its own house brand of bicycle parts and frames “BLB” is known to perfectly blend function & style, with an emphasis on customisation and bespoke bike building.

Brick Lane Bikes London began as the dream of a former London street courier. The aim was to create the first all-track bike shop in the UK. Our little East London shop quickly grew to be Europe’s fixed and vintage Mecca, stocked full with a dazzling variety of track components from vintage classics to the funky and new.

As requests grew for hard to source quality, stylish components, our in house brand “BLB” was launched – celebrating individuality and a passion for bespoke parts and frames. Soon after, BLB Bigmama distribution was created to quench the thirst for unique & stylish components to all shops, small and large, throughout Europe and beyond.

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